Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Words and Cute Guys #16


noun  / ˈtandəm / 
tandems, plural

     1.    A bicycle with seats and pedals for two riders, one behind the other

     2.    A carriage driven by two animals harnessed one in front of the other

     3.    A group of two people or machines working together

     4.    A truck with two rear drive axles

adverb  / ˈtandəm / 

     1.    With two or more horses harnessed one behind another - I rode tandem to Paris

     2.    Alongside each other; together

adjective / ˈtandəm / 

     1.    Having two things arranged one in front of the other - satisfactory steering angles can be maintained with tandem trailers

Loving in tandem.

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