Sunday, January 27, 2013

Safe continues to climb Goodreads' Lists!

Yeah, okay, I'm seriously humbled. Thank you to all of my readers for making Safe's Goodreads' rankings as of Sunday morning, January 27th, great!

1st out of 31 Best Gay Novels for Young Adults
1st out of 68 LGBT Young Adult YA Literature
1st out of 69 LGBT Youth Literature
1st out of 36 GLBT Books for Children and Young Adults
2nd out of 53 Best Unknown LGBTQ Books for Teens
5th out of 36 Best LGBT YA
14th out of 197 Best Gay Romance Featuring Teenage Characters
17th out of 137 LGBT for YA
78th out of 358 Best YA Fiction with GLBTQQI themes & characters
80th out 289 Best Gay Romance - Characters Attending High School or College
Check it out here! 

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