Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cody is Author of the Week!

Omorphi by C. Kennedy
John H. Ames of Surviving Elite High fame interviews Cody for his Author of the Week Series!
John asks tough questions and Cody gives honest answers about Omorphi, hope, the sensitive and crucial subject of abuse, the business of writing, and more!
Harmony Ink Press
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Όμορφη. Ómorphi. Greek. Meaning pretty
Pretty. adj. /pritē/ Pleasing by delicacy or grace
Michael led a charmed life. He had great parents who were cool with him being gay, a straight best friend who was like a brother to him, and plans to attend Oxford University on an athletic scholarship. The only thing missing from his life was a boyfriend. A pretty one. That’s exactly what he found the morning he bumped into Christy. But nothing, not even Michael’s wildest dreams, could have prepared him for what came with Christy.

Christy knew he was broken. He needed to heal and knew he needed help to do it. So, he made a plan. A plan to go where no one knew who he was, or what had been done to him. And it almost worked. Read an excerpt of Omorphi.

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