Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Timmy's Review Policy

I read books for fun and sometimes I review them. Also for fun. My mom and I choose my reading material together and she approves a book before I can read it. My mom also approves where my reviews appear and they can only appear on Cody’s blog. My reviews and ratings are my opinions and mine alone. They are not Cody’s or my mom’s opinions and are not a reflection on them in any way. If you have a comment or question about my reviews, please post it on the blog beneath the review in question. I try to get to comments as soon as I can. Please be patient if I can’t respond to you right away. When school starts, I’ll have a lot less time to read and review, and a lot less time to respond to your comments.

I review Young Adult, New Adult, and some Adult fiction. If you want me to review your book, send a request to TimmysBookReviews@gmail.com. Only requests from authors or publishers are accepted and I have no obligation to read or review a book. I don’t control the email account and it’s an account for requests only. No correspondence will be issued from the account. Put REVIEW REQUEST, the book’s title, and the author’s name in the caption of your email and make sure your request contains this information in the body of the email:


Author’s Name:

Publisher (and whether the publishing entity is a name for your self-published work):

Date Published or to be Published:

Word Count:





Submitted by: (your name)

List all of the author's links (blog, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, etc.)

List all of the buy links for the book beginning with the publisher's buy link

Under content you must state whether the book contains abuse of any kind, including bullying, violence of any kind, sex of any kind, self-mutilation, suicide or death of any kind; and you must provide a brief description of that content. It goes without saying that the regular exclusions apply. If you’re unsure, put it in your request. Please be honest.

Attach a .mobi file of the book AND a .jpg image of the book's cover to your request and send it off. I have no idea how often I’ll look at requests or read or review books. You can ask for a requested review publication date and I’ll see what I can do, but don’t count on me meeting it. A lot of things affect the publication of my reviews. Lastly, please don’t bug Cody or my mom with requests. They’ll only tell you to send an email. And please don’t bug them with questions wondering if or when I’m reading or reviewing your book. They won’t know. Most of all, please don’t bug me. You’ll only make my mom mad and then she won’t let me read or review your book.

Scary stuff, that.

Now, the technical stuff:

All of the information contained in Timmy’s Thoughts, including Timmy’s Book Reviews, is for general information purposes only. While we try to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no assurances, express or implied, about the suitability or availability with respect to any books reviewed or articles written. Any reliance you place on the information is therefore strictly at your own risk. We reserve the right not to interact with you in any way. We reserve the right to change Timmy's Review Policy at any time for any reason.

This is not a business. I do all of it for fun. Everybody has different tastes. I don’t guarantee that you will like every book that I like or agree with my opinion. All books, whether purchased by me or provided at no cost, receive the same honest and thoughtful consideration. I reserve the rights to disregard any request to review, turn down any request to review without explanation, not read a book, not finish reading a book, and not write a review of anything I read. If I do read and review a book, Cody reserves the right not to publish my review. All of my reviews and articles I write are owned by me and may not be shared in whole or in part from or off this blog or republished anywhere else without my, my mom’s, and Cody’s written permission. However, please feel free to share the links to reviews and articles wherever you like.

Cody allows me the space on his blog for my reviews out of the kindness of his heart. By posting these reviews, he isn’t endorsing or promoting a book nor is he required to endorse or promote a book. He also does not review books. If you want to know what his favorite books are, ask him. Contact him through the link in the right side-bar.

Thanks for reading this and I hope to see you soon on the blog!