Monday, June 30, 2014

PRIDE v. FREEDOM, and a Little History About our Flag

As PRIDE month draws to a close, I'm over at Jase's Athenaeum talking about the history of our PRIDE flag and, more importantly, how our LGBTQIA youth of today view PRIDE. 

As an author who writes LGBTQIA works, I wish to bring awareness to current crucial socio-economic, political, and personal issues surrounding PRIDE and those who don’t identify with the strict binary categorization of sexual identity. Today is a time of change in perspective, and also one of behavior and the law. Now, more than ever before.
Joining me on Jase's Athenaeum, is my good buddy, Timmy, with his thoughts on PRIDE. He makes a very astute observation about pride that gives us much fodder for thought.

Thank you, Jase, for the honor and privilege of being on your blog!

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