Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Timmy's Review of Fairy by Cody Kennedy

Fairy by Cody Kennedy purpleFairy was the first story I read by Cody Kennedy and I read it before I knew him. It was also the first M/M story I had ever read. 

Hope to someone who lives in an abusive home is a good but scary thing. I needed the hope that this story gave me. I needed to know I was not alone; that I was not the only gay kid who lived in a bad home. Logically, I knew that but, at the time, my mind was anything but logical about my situation. I was near a breaking point when my best friend’s mom (my mom now) told me there were a few books I should read: Fairy by Cody Kennedy and the first two books in the Foster High Series by John Goode. I read Fairy first and it was a truly magical experience for me. There was the hope I desperately needed and there was the fantasy to help me escape that time in my life. So, to be fair, I must tell everyone that I am very biased when it come to this story.

Merry is a strong, yet fragile, character. He has qualities similar to me and I drew my much needed strength from him. Quinn is my hero. I dreamed and wished for my fairy to come save me. This didn’t happen in quite the same way as the story but God was listening and did send me my very own Fairy to help me through my rough life.

I want to thank Cody for taking the time to write Fairy. It’s a free read, so I know he did it not for money. He wrote it to provide hope to those who need it most. Like me.

Fairy is a free read and chapters from the second book are just now being posted. I give this story 5 Marbles and a strong recommendation to everyone to read it. Please take a few hours and read this book. Read it! You won’t be disappointed. ~Timmy

Fairy is a FREE read available here

About Fairy

Meriadoc McDaniel wants to kill his parents. How they could name him after a hobbit is beyond him. Merry is shy, spineless, a geek of humongous proportions, and gay. Everyone at school calls him Merry the Fairy. To add insult to injury, puberty is taking its agonizingly sweet time with him. Now a senior in school, he touts five whole whiskers and hasn’t grown an inch since ninth grade. Typical. What is short on top of everything else?

Rick Adams is big, mean, and ugly. His reign of terror has turned school into nothing short of a war-zone for Merry.

Lord Quinn Malloy O’Cuin, pure Sidhe and born of the High Court of Fairy, is a watcher over humans, the silent defender of lost children, broken hearts, and dreams. His normal assignment is to protect babies from those who would replace them with changelings. Recently, however, Quinn committed a transgression. One serious enough to earn him a demotion from the Queen Mother. She reassigns him to watch over teenagers, of all things! Quinn’s new undercover assignment means he is the new senior at school. He can hardly keep himself from fading just thinking about it.

When Rick terrorizes Merry and dares to call him a fairy, Quinn becomes incensed and all bets are off. 

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  1. I'll have to check this one out. I keep hearing about it. It's amazing how books can give us hope - even when we're fully aware it's fiction we're reading. It helps us dream and I soooo believe in the power of attraction. I believe that visualizing your dreams help make them a reality. I'm glad your dreams are starting to come true, Timmy. You are such a special person and I love your book reviews!

  2. Thank you so much Jaycee! I really hope you do read this story! It's not long and shouldn't take more then a few hours, but it is so worth the time.
    <3 Timmy