Saturday, December 13, 2014

Timmy's review of Taking Chances by John Goode

Please read my reviews of books one and two in this series, Tales from Foster High and End of Innocence

Taking Chances is the story of Tyler and Matt. Those of you that have read the Foster High series already know who Tyler is as he plays a part Kyle and Brad’s story. Tyler is the owner of the local sports store in Foster, and he is deep in the closet until Brad needs his help. Though he's out, he is still fighting that closet door. It has opened, but not completely. This story begins in End of Innocence so it covers some of the events in that story, but does it from another point of view. 

Though this book is about adult characters, it is still very much a coming of age story. Mr. Goode does as great a job telling the story. It’s interesting to experience Tyler and Matt’s lives as adults and how they handle the changes going on in the town of Foster. I got a better understanding of many of the characters who play important roles in the other books. I think this was an awesome addition to the series. It is something I have never seen done for a young adult series and it worked so well because it gave me a chance to envision how I might be as an adult. I hope to hear more from both Matt and Tyler in the next Foster High book. I give this book 4 marbles.~Timmy

Taking Chances is available 
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To Wish for Impossible Things 
(a lost tale from The Tales from Foster High) 
Dear God 
(a lost chapter from The End of Innocence)

About Taking Chances

Fearing the backlash of living as a gay man in Foster, Texas, Matt Wallace runs away to California, only to find it isn’t the Promised Land he’d hoped for. Christmas sees Matt returning to Foster, where he bumps into his old flame, high school jock Tyler Parker.

Now that they’re older, it doesn’t take Matt too long to figure out that love at first sight is a very real thing. The only problem is neither Matt nor Tyler seems to know what to do after that. They’re both running from the past—and each other—requiring some reverse engineering to actually spur the relationship past the false start.

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