Saturday, March 28, 2015

Slaying Isidore's Dragons Book Tour! I'm over @GreenCharli's today talking about #Cotillion!

In my new book, Slaying Isidore’s Dragons, Declan and Isidore’s parents are diplomats. Declan’s mother is the Irish ambassador to the U.S. and Isidore’s father is the French ambassador to the U.S.

I grew up knowing two ambassadors. They were a married couple who were ambassadors to neighboring countries and saw each other on weekends. Most people don’t realize that ambassadors are extremely powerful people. They carry nearly one hundred percent of the authority of their own president, king, queen, or prime minister in the foreign country of their station.

Read my post and learn about diplomatic persons, ambassadors and cotillion on Charli Green's blog!



  1. What a great topic!! I love this stuff! Place settings, napkin folding, etiquette... I've always found it fascinating. Another thing that's sadly fallen by the wayside that I'm goofy about is 'flag etiquette'. It kills me to see the American flag flown in the rain or unlit at night or below another flag on a flagpole.

    1. Thanks, Jaycee! I completely agree on flag etiquette and many others! It's almost as if etiquette has become a lost art. Thanks for dropping by and commenting! It's always great to see you here!