Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Breaking News! The French translation of Thárros is underway!

Thárros is being translated into French by our beloved Bénédicte Girault!
Anticipated release, January 2017!

“It is the task of the translator to release in his own language that pure language that is under the spell of another, to liberate the language imprisoned in a work in his re-creation of that work.” ― Walter Benjamin, Illuminations: Essays and Reflections

The work that goes into a translation of a work is a true test of the translator's art, will, and nerve. It isn’t only to translate the words literally, but to translate the author’s “voice.” It is to render the original intent of the author's words and, above all, to capture inflections in the telling of the story. It is a true art. Thank you, Bénédicte, for your tireless efforts and your beautiful words.
Thárros is available in English 

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