Sunday, January 22, 2017

Timmy's 5★ Review of John Goode's "Edge of Glory," Bk 2 in the Fadeaway Series!

I’m back with another review of a Goode book! Yay! Does it seem most of my reviews are on John Goode’s books these days? They are! All the Goode books are being passed my way and I am a very happy little fanboy! I’d like to thank Michael Thompson for this awesome book! 

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Edge of Glory is book two in the Fadeaway Series. If you have not read Going the Distance, the first book in the series, please stop reading this and bookmark it to return to after you have read the first book! You can find my review of Going the Distance here. (Hint: I have never read a bad Goode book!)

I would like to thank John Goode for writing this book, but I would also want to thank all the people who helped with his GoFundMe so that this book could be published. I really wish I was able to help because I am a big fan, but I’m hoping that people will read my review and go buy the book! That will help John write more books!

When I read the first book in the series, I really liked it. This book I loved. I’ma try my best to explain this without giving away spoilers. LOL So Hard!

One thing that all of Mr. Goode’s books have in common is that the characters feel deeply. I mean, it is easy to get lost in one of his books because his characters are so real. They are funny, they make stupid mistakes, they don’t always do the right thing, and they feel! There are books that I have read and really liked, but couldn’t get into because the characters felt fake. They fall in love too fast, and all their problems are solved by the end of the book. You know what I mean, right? That is not how a Goode book is written! In this book, we pick up Danny’s story from where we left off in the first book. In the first book, we follow Danny as he grows up, and through his high school years. In this book, we follow his first 3 years of college. He does some questionable things and makes stupid decisions, but I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same things in his position. And that, right there, is why I loved the book! I could put myself in his place.

For Danny, life is basketball. Everything he does is for basketball. Even if that means he can’t be happy. He has so many doubts about himself as a person that I really just wanted to hug him so hard. The one thing he didn’t have doubts about was his skill in basketball. So he made that his life, but in doing so, he made half of his life—the half not playing basketball—very hard to live. I’m sure people deal with this all the time. I know there are more and more sports players coming out. But they are already big stars! They have already made a name for themselves. So, I can only imagine how hard it is for the Dannys of the world to hide their real selves from people—to watch love walk away because they are too scared to lose something that means everything to them. This book made me laugh and it made me cry. Most of all it made me happy that the people in my life don’t really care that I’m gay... because I couldn’t make it in Danny’s world. To all the people out there who can’t be who they are for one reason or another, you should read these books. It’s nice to know you’re not alone. Also, it’s sometimes easier to see where your choices might lead you when you read it from someone else’s life story.

The writing in this book is really Goode and easy to follow. There is some sex in this book and would probs be considered New Adult rather than Young Adult. I would say 16+, but I think it’s lame to put age restrictions on it. If you feel you can read about sex and not be uncomfortable, then you will be ok with this book. I didn’t feel that it was graphic.

Thank you, Mr. Goode for another Goode book. And please, PLEASE, don’t make us wait forever for the last book in this series. I give this book 5 Marbles.

I also ask everyone to please buy books! If we buy books, our fave authors can write more books for us. If we don’t buy books, then they have to work real-life jobs more hours and that means no time to write books for us! So, if a friend says they have a really good book that you can borrow, say thank you, and go buy it yourself! Thank you all for reading my reviews!~Timmy

Edge of Glory is available NOW
from John Goode and at Amazon

About Edge of Glory

Now in college, Danny faces a whole slew of problems. Can he like guys and still play basketball? Can the guys on his team accept him for who he is? And what about Sam? Is he willing to give up him for the game? Follow Danny through his college years and the choice that will change his life forever.

Edge of Glory is available NOW
from John Goode and at Amazon

About John Goode

John Goode is a member of the class of '88 from Hogwarts school of wizardry, specializing in incantations and spoken spells. At the age of 14 he proudly represented District 13 in the 65th Panem games where he was disqualified for crying uncontrollably before the competition began. After that he moved to Forks, Washington where, against all odds, dated the hot, incredibly approachable werewolf instead of the stuck up jerk of a vampire but was crushed when he found out the werewolf was actually gayer than he was. After that he turned down the mandatory operation everyone must receive at 16 to become pretty citing that everyone pretty were just too stupid to live before moving away for greener pastures. After falling down an oddly large rabbit hole he became huge when his love for cakes combined with his inability to resist what sparsely worded notes commanded and was finally kicked out when he began playing solitaire with the Red Queen's 4th armored division. By 18 he had found the land in the back of his wardrobe but decided that thinly veiled religious allegories where not the neighbors he desired. When last seen he had become obsessed with growing a pair of wings after becoming obsessed with Fang's blog and hasn't been seen since.

Or he is this guy who lives in this place and writes stuff he hopes you read.

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  1. Great review Timmy. I'm looking forward to reading this series, but I'm going to wait till the last book so I can read them all at once. I know that is for the best for me LOL

    1. Sigh.. I understand but you are missing out. Lol ;)

  2. Awesome review, Timmy. I read Going the Distance and enjoyed it very much. I think I will reread it before diving into this one. The TBR list grows.

    1. Ha! Yes. Thank you for buddy reading these!

  3. Goode review Timmy :) This is a new series TBR and I look forward to another awesome story by John Goode. <3

    1. God... I love this series but I love all his books! Lol

  4. Wow, you did an awesome review Timmy! I agree with you completely. This was another excellent book in the series. And like you I hope we don't have to wait to long for the next book from John.
    Great review Timmy!

    1. Thank you so much for this book! It was awesome. I'd really like to set up a buddy read with you. I'ma be doing the FH books soon!