A Tribute to Cody by Timmy

There was a time I was all alone. 
I was a robot, like a drone.
I hid in my shell, 
to avoid my hell.
I was scared to just Be,
I didn’t believe I could be free.

Then to my great surprise,
I met a superhero in disguise. 
He didn’t need a costume,
He didn’t show up with a big boom!
He is not a very showy man.
He did not come from a magical clan.

But he doesn’t need all that flair,
Because he is the one who’s always there.
The one who picks me up when I'm down, 
Who helps me so I don’t drown.
He makes me smile when I'm sad.
Even when stressed is never mad.

The one who doesn't need powers,
But can help for hours and hours.
He always understands how I'm feeling.
He helps me through my healing.
He listens when I need to talk, 
And when it gets rough, he doesn’t balk.

Superheroes are really true.
I thank God daily he gave me you.