Thursday, March 23, 2017

Salon du Livre 2017! Win Surprise Gifts for the Elpida Series!

Salon du Livre is the book fair event of the literary scene in Paris at the Porte de Versailles. Stop by the Dreamspinner/Harmony Ink Press booth to pick up your special gift from the Elpida Series. And don't forget to stick around for the surprise gift bag! 

Livre Paris est, depuis sa création, un événement incontournable de la scène littéraire qui, en 2017, se déroulera du 24 au 27 mars, porte de Versailles. Découvrez ce salon au travers de notre présentation mais aussi et surtout grâce aux photos et aux vidéos témoins de cet incroyable événement. Bonne visite ! 

Visitez le stand Dreamspinner / Harmony Ink Press pour récupérer votre cadeau spécial de la série Elpida. Et n'oubliez pas de rester pour le sac cadeau surprise !

Friday, March 17, 2017

#CoverReveal! Elpida, the 3rd and Final Book in the Elpida Series, is now available for pre-order!

It’s with great pleasure that I bring you the cover for Elpída, the third and final book in the Elpída series, coming to you from Harmony Ink Press on May 30th, 2017. 

As most of you know, this series is special to me and I am deeply thankful to Harmony Ink Press for publishing it. It’s an important trilogy, intended to give courage and hope to survivors of abuse. Here is the author’s note contained in the back of the book.

As with the first two books in this series, Ómorphi and Thárros, this novel was written to give victims of abuse hope. By supporting this series, and buying and reading these books, you are supporting those youth who struggle daily to learn to live again. Thank you for reading this series.

Now available for pre-order at Harmony Ink Press!

Michael and Christy attended prom, graduated high school, and Michael leads the USATF tryouts. With Oxford University on the horizon, his future looks bright, and he believes life has returned to normal after Christy’s rescue. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Christy has been free from a life of slavery for more than a year and has made remarkable progress due in no small part to the love he found with Michael. But the recent prosecution of a past abuser has shattered the life he so painstakingly built out of nothing but a mountain of horror. He now faces the daunting task of building a new life—yet again.

Twelve-year-old Thimi has been missing since Christy left Greece and, unbeknownst to everyone, has hidden out in a vacant mansion in Glyfada. Learning of Christy’s survival is the only thing that brings him out of hiding. People, open spaces, even the most common of sounds frighten him beyond reason. A mere ghost of a boy, Thimi arrives in the US with no knowledge of the outside world—the only constant in his life a purple marble.

Lost, shattered, and afraid, only hope gives them the strength and courage they need to begin anew.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

See What French Reviewers Are Saying About Ómorphi!

« Il y a ces livres, si rares, si précieux qui bousculent votre vie, bouleversent votre esprit et restent gravés dans votre coeur... "Omorphi" est de ces livres. » —Eryna

« J'ai été tellement touché que j'avais envie de les prendre dans mes bras, les réconforter...Les personnages secondaires sont tous aussi importants, car malgré la gravité de la situation, ils apportent une belle touche d'humour! Cody Kennedy est un auteur à suivre. » —Livie

« Ce livre c'est le genre d'histoire qui vous fait passer par tout un panel d'émotion et qui vous est impossible à arrêter en cours de lecture. Vous en voulez toujours plus, et même arrivé à la fin, vous ne voulez pas quitter les personnages. C'est le genre d'histoire qui résonne en vous, qui s'infiltre dans votre tête, et vous remue de l'intérieur. » —Ely

« Il y a bien longtemps que je n'avais pas lu un livre si poignant, si dur qu'il me fallait arrêter de lire pour supporter et assimiler l'horreur indicible de ce que l'Homme peut faire subir à un autre être humain ! Ce roman est une ode à a vie et à l'espoir bien que regorgeant de tout ce qui se fait de pire. J'en ressors bouleversée et grandit car j'ai eu la chance d'avoir des parents comme Michael qui ont su faire de moi une personne tolérante, ouverte et sans préjugés. » —Marionle6tron

« ENORME coup de coeur pour ce livre de plus de 550 pages (tout de même) mais qui se lit avec une extrême facilité tant j'ai été happée, "aspirée" par cette histoire qui m'a prise aux tripes...Ce sujet qu'est la maltraitance, abus....n'est pas un sujet facile à aborder et pourtant C. Kennedy l'a fait avec extrêmement de pudeur et de retenue, même si certains passages sont poignants. » —Caliméro

« L'histoire est émouvante, mais l'auteur a fait en sorte que ce ne le soit pas en continue. On a donc des moments bien bouleversants, avec l'histoire de Christy, mais également des moments de franche rigolade avec le duo Michael et Jake, les inséparables. Il y a aussi des moments de doute, d'angoisse, de joie, d'apprentissage de la vie.... » —de Nanaho

Saturday, February 11, 2017

See What People Are Saying About Books by C. Kennedy!


“Hauntingly beautiful, a book that you never wanted to end... Magically written, the voices and setting of the story were so clear you lived each moment with the characters.”—2014 Rainbow Awards

“Cody Kennedy writes with staggering beauty... The love story... leapt from the page and wrapped itself around your heart.”—Sammy Goode, Joyfully Jay Reviews & Goodreads YA LGBT Group

“The beauty of Omorphi is more than skin deep... There were so many facets to Cody Kennedy’s first full-length novel, it was just… so much.”—Tina, The Novel Approach

“This book, in the guise of a fictional novel, ... lets [you] know that you are not alone and you are not defined by what has been done to you.”—Deb, Live Your Life, Buy theBook


“...for beneath the social overtones of this novel lurks a breathtaking story of love and healing.... Author Cody Kennedy has created an indomitable spirit in Christy—one that will not be broken despite all the horror he has experienced. Kennedy has given us a novel of hope…of love…of courage…thárros.”—Sammy Goode, Joyfully Jay Reviews

“A STANDING OVATION FOR SHEER AWESOMENESS.... yet another installment of beauty and strength, love and devotion, and now we’re adding hope and loyalty to the mix too...”—Caer Jones, QUEERcentric Books

“I loved being back in Michael and Christy’s world.... Most of the book was sweet and moving, but the ending just about broke my heart. This book was just beautiful all around...”—Jenna, Love Bytes Reviews

“We must start with courage. And Thárros is courage... we do muster courage, because without it there is no hope. And without hope, we are all lost.... a story of great struggles, of great friendships, and of great pain, all turned into a wondrous blend of both strength and love. The telling of a great, great love story—with true friendship shining through, the kind of love that inspires both happy endings and hope....”—Anna Lund

“Cody Kennedy is the literary artist who created the compelling situations. As I read, I was right there with Christy and Michael.... it was awesome! Highly recommended.”—Mia Kerick, author of Not Broken, Just Bent

“ sum up this whole story into one word it would be magnificent. I highly recommend reading the Elpída series.”—Joanne Swinney, Jo & Isa Love Books

“[Thárros] is a must read. It will break your heart, but it will also fill you with love as these two boys struggle with the unthinkable. Loved it.”—Pam Kay

Slaying Isidore’s Dragons

“...intense, emotional, crazy... and beautiful.”—Brian Katcher, Forever Young Adult, and author of The Improbable Theory of Anna and Zak and Almost Perfect

“This bold, sweeping saga is a compelling story of redemptive love and healing grace. The people who inhabit Cody Kennedy’s Slaying Isidore’s Dragons are heartbreakingly real and heroic.... I highly recommend this novel to you. It is one that will impact your life in so many ways and remind you that we must all be dragon slayers.”—Sammy Goode, The Novel Approach

“If you read just one book this year, this should be the book….”—Wendy, Joyfully Jay Reviews

“Kennedy has done it again... he has put his heart and soul on the page and produced magic.”—Bec, Bike Book Reviews


“Cody Kennedy has done a great job of making two distinct personalities for the boys, and I really want to know more about their lives together.”—Becky Condit, USA Today, Happily Ever After Blog

“Mr. Kennedy pushed all the right buttons and touched me deeply with this story.... The author made me long for more because of  the way he portrays their experiences.”—Dani, Love Bytes Reviews

“…the most effective tool an author possesses to illicit emotion from the reader is excellent characterization, and in this, Kennedy is a true master.”—Mia Kerick, author of TheRed Sheet

“Safe easily rises to the bar set by Mr. Kennedy in Omorphi. I love this author. The writer and the man. Please read this.” —Tina, The Novel Approach Reviews

“Emotions, connection, first love, friendship, family support. Everything that a young boy needs while walking down the road of self-discovery.” —Connie, Gay List BookReviews

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Timmy's 5★ Review of John Goode's "Edge of Glory," Bk 2 in the Fadeaway Series!

I’m back with another review of a Goode book! Yay! Does it seem most of my reviews are on John Goode’s books these days? They are! All the Goode books are being passed my way and I am a very happy little fanboy! I’d like to thank Michael Thompson for this awesome book! 

If you have a book you would like me to review please don’t hesitate to let me know. Request a review here!

Edge of Glory is book two in the Fadeaway Series. If you have not read Going the Distance, the first book in the series, please stop reading this and bookmark it to return to after you have read the first book! You can find my review of Going the Distance here. (Hint: I have never read a bad Goode book!)

I would like to thank John Goode for writing this book, but I would also want to thank all the people who helped with his GoFundMe so that this book could be published. I really wish I was able to help because I am a big fan, but I’m hoping that people will read my review and go buy the book! That will help John write more books!

When I read the first book in the series, I really liked it. This book I loved. I’ma try my best to explain this without giving away spoilers. LOL So Hard!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Timmy's Review of Lost Tales From Foster High by John Goode!

At first I was worried about reviewing this book because I thought it wasn’t going to be published. But have no worries! Mr. Goode assures me it will be published. Even better, maybe today! Yay! It’s always awesome to hear there is a new Goode book out! (Ha! See what I did there? It’s a gift!) Because this book is actually an anthology, it makes it harder to review. So here’s how I’ma do this. I will review the whole book as one, then I will go through and do a very small review for each story. By the end, you will be totally jealous that I have read it already, and you wait endless days until Mr. Goode has it for sale (which I hear is in a week or so. But it will feel endless to the hardcore Foster High fans!)

Lost Tales from Foster High overall review:

Lost Tales from Foster High is one of the best anthologies I have read. Some of that is because I love the whole Foster High cast, and some of that is due to the author. I have not met a character in this series who I didn’t want to know more about. Even the “bad guys” have a story to tell. So it was neat to hear a few stories or updates on characters you didn’t think you’d hear about again. I also really liked that each and every story had an introduction, because that helped me see where we were in the books and, in some cases, what we missed due to editing. Without those small intros, I would have been confused. So thanks for that, Mr. Goode!

The book I received is not the finished edited version, but I was informed that all the stories would remain the same. I also promised Mr. Goode that I would not pick on any proofing typos that would be caught in edits. So I will hold to that. But for those of you who got this version, I bet the small errors didn’t even matter. Right? I was able to enjoy every story, and any errors there were did not take away from the truly awesome writing in these stories. And because this was a complaint in my last Goode review, I would like to thank the author for not making me yell the first few words in a new chapter! (In the last book, the first few words of each chapter were all caps. Just threw me off a bit, but didn’t ruin the story in the least.) There is only one complaint I have in the book in general and I hope by saying something, Mr. Goode may try not to do this in future books (‘cause it really does throw me off). In the stories, it is not always clear who is talking. A question is asked and answered in the same paragraph by two different characters and is not always clear who is speaking. I’m going to give an example, and I found one that does not give away spoilers.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Timmy's Review of Wraith Queen's Veil, Book Two in the Sun Child Chronicles, by Lou Hoffmann!

Hey, y’all! Back again so soon! I think a trend is starting! :) So, as you know, I haven’t been doing many reviews lately. That’s for two reasons. One, I’m super busy this year at school and with school things. Second, I am reviewing and beta reading for people who have requested it of me. If you would like me to review or beta read a book, there are instructions and an email address on Cody’s blog to send me requests. Above all, I really want to thank the authors who have asked me to review and beta read their books. It’s an honor and a privilege that I don’t take lightly. I also want to thank this author, Ms. Hoffman, for being so patient with me. This review took awhile because I have been so busy. But it was well worth the wait for me to read and review for her because it was an awesome book!

I decided to reread the first book to get a good feel for the characters before reading this one. If you haven’t read Key of Behliseth yet, then you need to read it before reading this book. It is not a stand-alone book, and it will not make a lot of sense without reading the first. In the first book we learn a lot about the world that this book takes place in.

First, I want to say thank you to Ms. Hoffmann, because whether it was done on purpose or not, she took my advice from the first review. This book was a much easier read. It was still descriptive and I could close my eyes and picture what she had written, but I did not get lost in the descriptions. I did not have to reread parts. I was able to fully immerse myself in the world she created. (Wow, that sounded really professional! :D) So for those readers who are unsure whether they want to read the second book because of that happening in the first, let me say, it is not a problem here. Please don’t cheat yourself out of an awesome read.

Friday, December 9, 2016

#Giveaway Welcome to Divine Magazine's Christmas Blog Hop!

A very special thank you to Anders and all the wonderful folks at Divine Magazine for our awesome holiday blog hop! This blog hop is to get us all in Christmas mood. Get hopping and read all the posts as the common theme is, well, Christmas!🎄 Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom and enter the giveaway!

As you know, I write young adult works for Dreamspinner’s Harmony Ink Press label. I have a unique writing background in a number of ways and have written in multiple mainstream venues for years, and spent way too much time on movie sets as a kid watching films come to life for the silver screen. Though I write for Harmony Ink Press and have spent the past four years concentrating on young adult works, I write primarily for adults—surprise! I have all kinds of books releasing in 2017 and I hope you'll join me in celebrating them!

The Holiday Season means a lot to me because it's a time of love and laughter. Those of you who know me, know that I love to share and spread laughter. My most precious holiday memory was my very first Christmas gift. I was raised by my grandfather, a prolific author, and began writing at the age of seven. That year, my grandfather gave me two dictionaries, the Oxford Dictionary, and Webster's New International Dictionary. (c. 1943) Best gifts ever! Try lifting all 3,194 pages from a shelf to your desk! My grandfather and I spent the next year or so reading the Websters dictionary. I kid you not. I still have both dictionaries and, in spite of our internet information age, I often find myself perusing these wonderful reference books.