Elpida Series wins 1st Place in
BEST LGBT Young Adult/New Adult SERIES!
Tharros ties 2nd Place for
BEST LGBT Young Adult/New Adult BOOK!


Elpída Series wins 
Bike Book Reviews'
Best MM Trilogy Award!
Tharros takes 2nd Place in 
Bike Book Reviews'
Best Book of 2016!

CodyTharros, and Christy are Nominated in the

CodyTharros, and Elpida Series win in 
Jo & Isa Love Books'
2016 Reader's Choice Awards Simply the Best!

Tharros is voted
Most Anticipated Book of 2016

Slaying Isidore's Dragons wins Best Drama & 
takes 2nd Place in Best New/Young Adult Categories in

Cody is nominated
All-Time Favorite Author in the
Goodreads MM Romance Group

is nominated All-Time Favorite Romance in the
Goodreads MM Romance Group

receives 8 nominations in the
Goodreads MM Romance Group

2015 Rainbow Awards Finalist

is #1 on Anna Lund's Top 10 Books of 2015

is #1 on Helena's Favorite Reads of 2015!

Readers' Choice Award - Simply the Best
2015 Best Young Adult Book

Cody voted
Fave Author of 2015 

"Omorphi" is voted Fave Book
"Slaying Isidore's Dragons" takes 2nd Place

Cody is

Author of the Month April, 2015 

2014 Timmy Awards
Best Beta Read
Best Free Story
Best Book of 2014
Hope Award
2nd Place Best M/M Romance, 2nd Place Best Tearjerker, 
3rd Place Best Emotional Roller Coaster
Story I Most Want to See Expanded to a Novel
2nd Place Best Coming Out Story, 2nd Place Best Short Story or Novella, 3rd Place Most True to Life Story

2014 Rainbow Awards
5th Place Runner Up!
2nd Place Runner Up!

Four Honorable Mentions for Omorphi!

"Hauntingly beautiful, a book that you never wanted to end because you were so much a part of the characters lives. When you finish the book you want to know more, to pick up the phone and call Christy. Magically written, the voices and setting of the story were so clear you lived each moment with the characters."

"This book and others like it are the reason I put so much time and effort into judging for the Rainbow Awards. Flawless from start to finish, written with such deft prose that as a reader one cannot help but be pulled deep into the psyche of the characters. I love Christy, Michael, Jake, all their friends and family. Hell, I even love Uncle Smitty. Their world is filled with unspeakable horrors and oceans of pain, but for the chance to sit quietly at their sides on a sunny afternoon, I’d definitely take my chances. Wow."

The author did a great job with the characters in this book. Christy was such a well-written character; I had no choice but to fall in love with him.

Wonderful balance handling tough subject without making the story depressing and negative.

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September 2013 Author of the Month
2nd Place Finalist
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