Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Making Connections - YA Edition

It all started with an idea. Why not make a place where authors, bloggers, publishers, and reviewers can get together in one place?

December 2012 marked the one-year anniversary of the Making Connections group. Since then, they have grown beyond our imagination. Not only have they listed almost 850 books in the original Making Connections group for review, they have also branched off and made a Young Adult group with 200 books listed for review.

Come celebrate our one-year anniversary and join to win tons of awards and giveaways! Including a FREE copy of C. Kennedy's novella, SAFE!

Relative Resources for Readers and Reviewers, and an all around Really amazing group! I love being a part of Making Connections because of the amazing authors, readers, resources and critics I find there! Come celebrate our one-year anniversary and enter to win prizes and giveaways!

Follow the A-Z reasons why!
Feb.1 - Sheri www.makingconnectionsgroup.blogspot.ca/
Feb.1 - Tana www.tana-someofmyfavoritebooks.blogspot.ca/
Feb.2 - (A) Eva Pohler http://www.evapohler.com
Feb.3 – (B) Sailon http://tometender.blogspot.com
Feb.4 – (C) Mari Arden www.mariarden.blogspot.com
Feb.5 - (D) Milda http://www.writergirlinla.com/
Feb.6 – (E) Mallory http://archiestandwoodsreviewsandwritngs.blogspot.com/
Feb.7 – (F) Natasha http://writesbymoonlight.wordpress.com
Feb.8 – (G) Midu www.passionatebookdivas.com/
Feb.9 – (H) Jonel Boyko http://purejonel.blogspot.ca/
Feb.10 – (I) Kit 0127 http://darkerpassions.net/
Feb.11 – (J) Flora http://fromthebootheelcottonpatch.blogspot.com/
Feb.12 – (K) Tmonique
Feb.13 – (L) Wynne Channing http://wynnechanning.wordpress.com/
Feb.14 – (M) Meredith Bond http://meredithbond.com/blog/posts/
Feb.15 – (N) Donna www.donnagalanti.com
Feb.16 – (O) Samantha
Feb.17 – (P) Stephanie Http://stephsbookretreat.wordpress.com
Feb.18 – (Q) Alana http://darkobsessionchronicles.blogspot.com/
Feb.19 – (R) Cody Kennedy www.CKennedyAuthor.blogspot.com
Feb.20 – (S) SantaFlash http://santaflash.wordpress.com/
Feb.21 – (T) Think Books http://thinksbooks.blogspot.com
Feb.22 – (U) Maghon http://magluvsya03.wordpress.com
Feb.23 – (V) Debbie http://amethysteyesauthor.blogspot.ca/
Feb.24 – (W) Pragya http://reviewingshelf.wordpress.com
Feb.25 – (X) Ellie http://elliewrites2.wordpress.com
Feb.26 – (Y) Terri Bruce
Feb.27 – (Z) J.A. Beard www.riftwatcher.blogspot.com
Feb.28 – Tana /www.tana-someofmyfavoritebooks.blogspot.ca/


  1. I love your header image. Great "r" words for making Connections, too!

  2. Great post. All those Rs would be hard to say 3 times fast...

    1. Thanks, Think! And, yeah, they would be. ;)

  3. Thanks for the Really cute post, Cody!