Tuesday, June 17, 2014

When Bullying Begins in the Home

Bullying is a form of psychological abuse and when bullying begins in the home, a child is predisposed to being bullied in school, and later, at work, in social settings, in life. My good buddy Timmy joins me over at Love Bytes Reviews with his third installment on bullying. Today he talks about bullying from within the family unit and what one might do about it. 

Victims of abuse often can’t defend themselves. They have poor self-esteem, a very low sense of worth, and feel, among other things, shame, humiliation, guilt, isolation, loss, anger, betrayal, but most of all, fear. They are afraid to defend themselves for fear of reprisal and that they’ll be further abused. If you know of or see someone being bullied within the home or by relatives, step up, make your listening all about them, speak out, and help a friend. YOU may be the one person who will make the difference between survival and not for your friend. 

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