Monday, August 25, 2014

Queer Romance Month - Get Involved!

October is Queer Romance Month and I'm a participating author! You can be too! Get involved!

Queer Romance Month exists to celebrate queer romantic fiction in all its aspects. We believe that love is love, and nobody should be relegated to a sidebar or a subgenre. Queer romance is romance.

We welcome anyone who believes in love, irrespective of gender or orientation. Allies, supporters and the curious are all part of QRM. We support the right to read what you like, write what you love, and be who you are. We love romantic fiction. We want to share the love and help some amazing books and authors reach a wider audience.

A couple of notes:
Some of the text content on this QRM website may be 18+ or include swearing. Use your judgement when reading.

This is a celebration of queer romance and its allies. You are welcome to discuss posts and (respectfully) disagree, but aggression and hatefulness will not be tolerated. In other words, don’t be a jerk.

Any money raised by clickthroughs to Amazon will be donated to Stonewall UKPFLAG


  1. I believe in love. <3 I'm excited for this celebration!

    1. Thank you, Sandy! I am very excited about this! Love is love!