Sunday, January 11, 2015

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day


  1. You are not wrong, actually most figures are higher than this. This is not something new, this has been happening since Europeans came to America. In England the stats are higher followed by France, but the four that make our numbers look small are Italy, France, Arabia, and Turkey. The laws get stricter but the prosecution is weaker. The least amount of pedophiles caught are Turkey, followed by Arabia, but at least in Arabia the penalty is death sorry to say that they kill the victim too.

    1. Numbers are higher now. Now it's 1:1 boys:girls victimized. I suspect it's higher with respect to boys. Thank you for the informative comments, Remmy.

  2. There is an emotional rage I get where I'm instantly in tears and so effing angry when I make myself think of the poor innocent victims! My heart breaks and this has got to stop and all cost!!!