Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Readers & Dreamers Series! Join Me in Welcoming Sara Ella to my blog with "Reading and Living"!

Join me in welcoming Sara Ella to my blog for the Readers & Dreamers Series! Sara is an awesome reader and her post captures the very essence of why we read books. Thank you for joining us today, Sara! It's a great pleasure to have you here!

Reading and Living

As I sit in my reading chair, soft lamplight overhead, mp3 playing a bouncy guitar piece in my ear, and a glass of chilled Cabernet on the small table nearby, everything is in place for me to start my new, very anticipated, adventure. As you can tell, I do not stand atop skyscraper I-beams or scale vertical bluffs to find that adrenaline rush. My search for excitement involves the impossible, improbable, the fantastic, and the occasional mostly realistic story. More than plot and characters, I seek the storyteller who can transport me to another place, transcending time, wringing my heart and bending my thoughts enough that when I reach the final line, and even days after the tale is read I am still captivated by strong emotions and my life perception changed.

A year ago or more, while on the Dreamspinner Press website, I was captivated by a beautiful cover. What a cover! The pretty young man that graced the cover of this new book Omorphi had instantly caught my attention and it was done! I ordered the paperback and downloaded the ebook too. YAY! With my iPad, Omorphi on the screen, so excited, I began to read. 

Absorbed by the story unfolding, all my rapid-fire thoughts were focused on the words before me. I seemed to travel to a deeper state. There is a Greek word for this: Ekstasis. On a fundamental level I connected to the adventure being toldholding onto each scene within my mind, I was transported into the lives of Christy and Michael. I felt their wonder at discovering each other and their fears. These guys were in my life just as much as I was in theirs. And I knew at this point that I found a master story teller. 

The joy of reading a really good book is that the story stays inside you with all of the powerful feelings it inspired lingering long after the book is finished. Above all, Omophi gave me a sense of hope. 

As I chased through the days of my real life, my mind reflected upon Michael and Christy. Brave Christy set the example of facing his fears and not giving up. Michael is the perfect model of a high school kid with a huge heart, and Jake, my absolute favorite, is the best of best friends. Omorphi left me with those good vibes and with a new perspective as I could then envision a new, positive path in my own life. 

Eventually I received my paperback of Omorphi, a nice surprise in the mail, and just had to share an image of my new book, still partially in the packaging, with online friends. Cody, at that time, offered to send an autographed vellum to me and I felt so lucky. I put his vellum autograph in matt and frame.


My pursuit of great stories has affected my life on many levels. Often, I connect with authors and readers online and I find that this community truly promotes open-mindedness and awareness as well as inspiring more good reading. There are not many things more exciting than to receive notices of new books releases, including audiobooks, from my favorite authors and new writers too. If only I could read faster! I envy reviewers this talent. Really, can life be any better than when you receive an email letting you know that you’ve won an e-book or audiobook??? With all my wonderful online friends reading and sharing truly great stories, I feel like I found my place and, finally, the feeling that perhaps it is okay to just be... me

Omorphi does that. It is a great story with an abundance of hope for everyone. Last Spring, the second book, Tharros, came out and continued with the lives of Christy and Michael. The ending just about takes my breath away, and is as powerful as the ending in Omorphi. Now, I can’t wait for Elpida which is coming soon... RIGHT CODY? (no pressure) I really look forward to the continued lives of Christy and Michael and perhaps another explosion or two. 

In the end, I just want to say thank you

Thank you fellow reader friends! Thank you wonderful authors who touch our lives in soo many ways to count, and especially a huge THANK YOU to you, Cody, for your expert storytelling, positive spirit and beautiful heart. I can't wait to see you all at Gay Rom Lit Retreat!

Thank YOU, Sara, for your incredible post, but mostly for simply being your beautiful you! You are a true Reader and Dreamer! 

Sara hails from the state of Wisconsin. She is a wife, mother, banker, and reviewer who lives a quiet life reading. She is also an incredible wood-worker and bestowed my three crazy parrots with custom swings! Her FAVORITE thing to do is curl up with a good book surrounded by peace and quiet. You can find Sara on Facebook

These are the perches she made for my parrots, Kismet, Cleo, and Schnapps!


  1. Great post Sara! Love the wood work you made! So talented!

    1. Thank you Lili! ♥️ This reader isn't used to writing more than reviews and I had a little help making the swings from my daughter - we had fun 😊