Monday, December 15, 2014

Timmy's Review of Going the Distance by John Goode

Please read my reviews of books one, two, three, and four in this series, Tales from Foster HighEnd of Innocence, Taking Chances, and 151 Days

It's important to note that though this is book five of the Tales from Foster High Series, it is also book one of the Fadeaway Series.

As with all of John Goode’s books, this is a great book. The feelings and emotions that Danny has are all too real for a gay teenage boy coming to terms with himself. Though Danny was very frustrating for me, I completely understand his thoughts. It's easy to "arm-chair quarterback" as a reader and want to yell “do this!” or “do that!”, but I can admit from personal experience that it is hard to come to terms with your feelings and fear of disapproval from those you love. Trying to be the perfect child is very hard to do, and it takes a lot of control. Because we learn a little about Danny in 151 Days by John Goode, I have a pretty good idea of what will happen in Danny's future. I hope Mr. Goode is a speed writer because I WANT the other two books now! No doubt, the Fadeaway series will be as good as the Tales from Foster High series! I give this book 4 marbles.~Timmy

Going the Distance is available 

To Wish for Impossible Things 
(a lost tale from The Tales from Foster High) 
Dear God 
(a lost chapter from The End of Innocence)

About Going the Distance, 
Book One in the Fadeaway Series

Looking like the perfect all-American boy—tall, handsome, and athletic—makes it easy for Danny Monroe to blend in with the in-crowd of a new high school. It’s a trick he picked up moving with his father from one Marine base to the next. When you aren’t going to be around long, it’s better to give people what they want. And what they want are his quick hands and fast feet on the basketball court.

On court, he can be himself and ignore certain strange developing urges. Everyone knows you can’t like boys and be a jock, but for Danny his growing attraction is becoming overwhelming. At the thought of losing the only thing that matters, Danny starts to panic and realizes he has a choice to make: happiness or basketball.

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  1. I'm glad I waited to read these books. I think I will have a better understanding of them after reading your reviews Timmy. <3

    1. <3 Thank you Deeze. I hope you enjoy them.
      <3 Timmy

  2. I am so glad that you got these books to read! It is so important to have stories to read that involve you, that talk about your own life a little bit. So let's be thankful for the authors out there who write for all of us! For when we are sad, for when we are happy, for when we want adventure, and even for when we simply want some comfort.
    And then, let's be thankful for great reviewers, like yourself, who bring these books alive for the rest of us.
    Well done, Timmy.

    1. I am very thankful for all the authors. Even if I don't personally read their books, I appreciate the time and work they put into their books.
      <3 Timmy